Police mech is tooled up and ready for patrol

Check out this LEGO mech built by… me! I’m Peter — your newest contributor here at The Brothers Brick. I built this over the course of a few weeks, using some new parts I accumulated on various visits to my local flea market. These include a lipstick piece, a screwdriver, and a shiny octagonal sign. The mech’s overall shape is inspired by the concept art C12 Chassis by Aaron Beck, but I went my own direction on the detailing.

UD-ED Police Combat Asset

Going into this build I knew I wanted a certain aesthetic, similar to a type of drone by LEGO Cyberpunk enthusiast Bezoar-1. The key to this style is many printed tiles, and lots of little blotches of color, one of which must be turquoise. The concept art version has a little light on the center of its chest, and I had a turquoise bar I have been itching to use in a build, so this was the perfect chance to integrate it.

mech detail

The model’s rear is not as polished as the front, but to be honest I usually don’t even build the backs of my models because they won’t be photographed. A lot of times I use the back to hide assemblies that only look good from the front, or to save parts, especially in my scenes.


You may have noticed some “printed” parts that you aren’t familiar with, that’s because these are custom-made decals by Spectre that I printed up and prepared. It’s a simple process and below are all the things you’ll need besides a printer. You print the decals out on a piece of clear decal paper, spray them down with clear coat outside, wait for them to dry, then dip them in water for a minute and slide them onto the model.


Hope you enjoyed this little look at my building process! If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments.