A natural selection of LEGO parts

We are all born winners. Right from the start, we can say that we have won our first race. Kosmas Santosa has captured that first race in nature in LEGO using the Panel 4 x 4 x 13 Curved Tapered with Clip at Each End to shape the little swimmers’ heads. The grayscale palette and some nice lighting really help these fun little guys look their best on their big day.

The First Competition in Our Life

9 comments on “A natural selection of LEGO parts

  1. Hobbes2602

    This is part of the Iron builder Competition. In this round, they have to create sceneries including at least one of those Panel 4x4x13 Curved Tapered with Clip at Each End (wow what a mouthful!) I wish there would be a site where we could see all the entries in order of appearence for each round of the competition.

  2. Rowan Eshenroder

    I thought that lots of sperm killed themselves trying to breach the egg, and that you were born a lazy loafer who waited for everyone else to do the work before taking the credit.

  3. The Anonymous Hutt


    Doesn’t matter. Lego bricks should never be used to build inappropriate things.

  4. Elspeth De Montes Post author

    I’m sorry you find this inappropriate Hutt. You must be offended a lot in your daily life, and that can’t be easy. Why do you think this is wrong?

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