Summer 2017 LEGO City sets revealed [News]

Several months ago we’ve got the very first look at the summer City sets at New York Tor Fair 2017. Now, with the official product pictures published online we can finally get ready for new adventures in the jungle, at sea, and on at the beach.

60162 Jungle Air Drop Helicopter, piece count and price to be announced later

60156 Jungle Buggy, 53 pcs, $9.99

60157 Jungle Starter Set, $6.99, piece count to be announced later

60158 Jungle Cargo Helicopter, piece count and price to be announced later

60159 Jungle Halftrack Mission, 378 pcs, $39.99

60160 Jungle Mobile Lab, 426 pcs, $59.99

60161 Jungle Exploration Site, 813 pcs, $119.99

60168 Sailboat Rescue, piece count and price to be announced later

60163 Coast Guard Starter Set, 76 pcs, $9.99

60164 Sea Rescue Plane, 141 pcs, $19.99

60165 4 x 4 Response Unit, 347 pcs, $39.99

60166 Heavy-Duty Rescue Helicopter, 415 pcs, $59.99

60167 Coast Guard Headquarters, $119.99 , piece count to be announced later

60153 People Pack – Fun at the Beach, 169 pcs, $39.99

9 comments on “Summer 2017 LEGO City sets revealed [News]

  1. The Anonymous Hutt

    I’m confused…who do the first half of these sets fall into the CITY theme exactly? They look more like Lego’s knock off of Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park.

  2. Jay

    Who care what theme they “fit in” …. they are super cool! I’m happy Lego is putting out more original content! It’s what most fans want anyway! …. According to sales…

  3. Reaen

    @The Anonymous Hutt

    Hi! Didn’t know you perused here too.

    It is really weird how Lego seems to lump all their real world theme sets into the “City” line no matter what it actually is. I think City is just a catch all for everything that’s not going to be big enough to suffice an entire new theme. Maybe it’s a marketing thing.

    I’m still waiting for like, actual city stuff that Lego never does. A new medical line of sets would be really nice.

  4. Kees

    It would be nice if they only did urban things for city, and call these sets life or country.

  5. Nigel

    I would love to see more town home’s. Also a line of just rooftops for the city line

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