Like father, like son

LEGO builder Tan Kok Mun brings together a Fett family reunion with two creations in markedly different styles. First up: Boba in Brickheadz form. Everyone’s favourite bounty hunter is looking good here. The detailing around the helmet and the eye frames is excellent, and we’ve got all the accessories for an accurate finished look, including a cape and jetpack.


Next up: Papa Fett. Jango is created with parts from the LEGO Constraction big-fig series, which (although sometimes criticised as not being “real LEGO”) work really well here. The redesigned torso makes Jango look more buff, and I especially like the detailing of the jetpack…


Bonus points if you spotted the use of DUPLO bricks in the base of the Jango model — it’s certainly one way of saving bricks!