Creativity is only limited by your imagination

Builder Serge S does it yet again with a 5th variation on the original 10242 Creator Mini Cooper set. This time he’s used the very same parts to build a VW Golf MK1 Cabriolet. His previous alternate builds have included a mono-propellor plane, a Porsche and IVECO Truck, and a V10 Hot Rod. While the folks at Billund may be impressed, I’m sure they’d like to see fewer folks taking creativity to this level, as it’s going to sell a lot less boxed sets on the shelves with all this extended playability! This has definitely got my fingers itching to break apart my own Mini Cooper and have a go.

VW Golf MK1 Cabriolet

VW Golf MK1 Cabriolet

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  1. Brickteller

    Billund may not mind so much if people like the alternate builds so much that they decide to buy a second copy so they can display both at the same time.

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