Evolution is so creative – that’s how we got giraffes

And thanks to the creativity of BrickBro we got this adorable baby giraffe. Just like the proper African giant, this animal is entirely covered in distinctive coat patterns made with bricks, plates and even 1×1 tiles of just two colors, tan and brown. Upon closer inspection it’s easy to see that just like the author’s previous build — an elegant flamingo — this giraffe possesses a couple of unexpected building techniques. For instance, the lower part of its body is built with studs facing down.


5 comments on “Evolution is so creative – that’s how we got giraffes

  1. Elspeth De Montes

    @Henry oh dear…you were that guy – A Man Without a Country is a worthwhile read though.

  2. cookie

    Giraffe? Where?
    I would agree to call it a spotted Lama (a cute one), since it has definitely the shape of one (legs,body,head), but besides the colors I don’t see the Giraffe in there.

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