Gentle giants from the Jurassic era

Builder Nathan Haseth has got something right with these lovely giants that I can’t place my finger on. They just feel like something that should be coming out of a LEGO factory for all of us to enjoy. He’s built a gang of prehistoric herbivores: Triceratops, Parasaurolophus and Ankylosaurus. The color scheme may not be scientifically accurate (as far as we know) but the contrast is certainly appealing, especially the nice techniques used for the various bodily textures of these beasts.

Jurassic Herbivores




2 comments on “Gentle giants from the Jurassic era

  1. Roborider

    While these dinosaurs look great, none of them are from the Jurassic. They’re actually from so late in the Cretaceous that they’re closer in time to the present day than they are to the Jurassic.

  2. luigigaskell

    Like the first comment said, none of these dinosaurs are from the Jurassic. They’re all from the late Cretaceous (Campanian-Maastrichtian). And the Jurassic is a period, not an era. You can fix this by simply changing the “Jurassic” in the title to “Mesozoic”.
    That said, I love these things so much especially since I’m both a long-time TFOL and a paleontology enthusiast too.

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