Cheers, love! LEGO Tracer’s Pulse Pistols from Overwatch

Tracer has become my hero of choice when playing in Overwatch competitive play on offense. Her movement abilities suit my play style of unpredictable movement—giving me a chance to compensate for my poor aim. So my latest LEGO build is of Tracer’s primary ability, her dual rapid-fire Pulse Pistols. Constructed from 1,063 LEGO parts each (2,126 total parts for the pair), the pistols feature moving triggers, a working “reload” mechanism in which the side disks expand outward, and light-up elements powered by BrickStuff LEDs.

Tracer's Pulse Pistols - Overwatch

The most challenging part of the build was the reload mechanism. The same mechanics as in MyDifferentUsername’s KRM-262 Shotgun were used, but the mechanism had to be reduced from 4-studs wide to 3, so the disks on either side would maintain the overall 5-stud-wide model.

Tracer's Pulse Pistols - Overwatch

Watch the working features in both third person and first person viewpoints in the video below.

4 comments on “Cheers, love! LEGO Tracer’s Pulse Pistols from Overwatch

  1. Jordan Perry

    The pistols are neat, and so is the video editing. I have to say though, how on earth does one have the patience to count to the exact piece how many were used for each pistol?

  2. Elspeth De Montes

    maybe they were built in LDD or another similar design program…the build part count is easy to see :-)

  3. Nick Post author

    Thanks Jordan for your compliments! Elspeth is right; LDD gave me the part count. I built the first pistol, rebuilt it in LDD, then used LDD to generate a parts list for a duplicate.

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