Steampunk racing contraption

Building for the first time in steampunk style, Robert Heim wanted to create something “wacky and flimsy looking”, but created something rather streamlined instead. This sleek steampunk racing machine features fantastic steam billowing out of the rear mounted boiler vents, and copious amounts of gold Bionicle parts used in interesting ways. The wheel guards are made from Visorak heads, and the front fenders are made from shoulder armor and a couple of ice picks. The nose of the vehicle looks great. I love the wing mirrors, but what sells it for me is the look of sheer delight on the drivers face.

Steam Racer

1 comment on “Steampunk racing contraption

  1. Purple Dave

    I’m not sure the sideview mirrors would be all that useful given how low they sit compared to the back end, but I’m disappointed that you didn’t call attention to the steam. I mean, that’s the first time I can recall seeing a mix of white and trans-clear to make steam/smoke, and it really adds a shocking level of realism.

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