Thomas Hendricks versatile repulsor engine

I love a build with a good backstory. BobDeQuatre has created a story of a family of three speeder racers, starting with Thomas Hendricks building a prototype repulsor engine in his workshop. Making good use of stickered bricks and complete with a raised drafting area with chalkboard and designing table, Thomas’s workshop looks great.

The birth of the greatest repulsor engine

Take a peek under the hood as we explore three generations of racers using variations of this amazing marvel of modern machinery.

Next up we see Thomas’s son Paul seen winning the prestigious Octan-sponsored race in his gorgeous Firebird. The builder has captured publicity shots of each of the speeders as well as fantastic action shots.

Paul Hendricks' Firebird Paul Hendricks' Firebird

Paul Hendricks' Firebird

An older Thomas with his Bison Speeder and his daughter Maya with her modern Pixie Speeder. Bob has created three distinct styles of speeder using the same engine as a base. As you can see from these publicity shots, Thomas’s speeder looks like a classic road hog while Maya has gone futuristic with her stunning neon racer.

Thomas Hendricks' Bison Speeder Bike Maya Hendrick's Pixie Speeder Bike

See Thomas and Maya in action with these fantastic action shots. Again, the builder has staged the speeders with appropriate backgrounds each showing the distinct personalities of the racers.

Thomas Hendricks' Bison Speeder Bike Maya Hendrick's Pixie Speeder Bike

Finally, we come back to the workshop after the races have been won and the speeders have been put on display along with the trophies. It looks as though the family may be making improvement for Maya’s Speeder.

Three generations of mechanics