LEGO interior prompts nostalgia for Modernism

Clean brickwork and good macro photography make this modernist LEGO interior by Brick Of Infamy really stand out. There’s a lot here to love — from the excellent giant angle-poise lamp, the smart-looking chair, through to the way the desk is integrated into the wonderful bookcase. And last, but not least, don’t overlook the clever use of grey toothed monorail tracks to lend texture to the background wall. This is a deceptively simple-looking scene, which probably took much longer to build than you think!

"It's a setup!"

1 comment on “LEGO interior prompts nostalgia for Modernism

  1. Chris Leach

    Wow very sharp build..Good use of the corner panel in different ways and the ladder plate upside down for the chair. Note that is railroad track not monorail track in the wall.

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