The ancient ruins of a forgotten civilization

If the builder of these ancient ruins seems similar, you would be right, because Mark Erickson is one of the best castle builders out there, and very active to boot. There are a bunch of details to see in this with architectural texture being the most important one. I am fascinated how well the builder managed to make all the buildings look similar, even with different techniques used throughout. The palm trees also deserve a closer look, as they get thinner towards the top, an effect achieved by transitioning from palm trunk pieces through brown fez pieces to 1×1 cones.

Ancient Ruins

1 comment on “The ancient ruins of a forgotten civilization

  1. Jordan Perry

    Now you’re the king of the builders, oh, the MOC’ing VIP.
    You’ve reached the top, but just can’t stop,
    and that’s what’s so awesome to me!
    I wanna build like Mark Falworth, the best builder around.
    and have so many Lego friends,
    from Castle, to Space, to Town!

    Oh, oobie-doo, I wanna build like you-oo-oo.
    I wanna MOC like you, with blocks like you, too-oo-oo!
    You see it’s true-oo-oo, an AFOL like me-ee-ee,
    can learn to be, a “Master B”, too-oo-oo!

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