Haulin’ imperial cargo like nobody’s business

Star Wars: Rogue One introduced the world to the AT-ACT, an imperial walker with a large cargo hold and plenty of fire-power. It’s the perfect vehicle when you need to haul cargo across the beaches of Scarif, but still need to be prepared to start a counterattack against rebel forces. Forgotten Days‘s minifig-scale version of the AT-ACT is impressive, most impressive.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - AT-ACT

Day’s walker has some great shaping and textures, especially on the legs and head. And check out those ground troops on the beach; perfect marching formations even in the face of incoming rebel fire! If minifig-scale LEGO creations aren’t for you, there’s no need to fret because [E]ddy Plu has your back with his microscale AT-ACT.

Micro Lego Rogue One

Even at this tiny scale, Plu captured the distinct walker with its orange cargo hold and delicate legs. Best of all, the tiny splashes of water and lazer beam bolts give this miniature beach a real sense of action. And the microscale stormtroopers and rebels are pretty cute too.