2016 LEGO Advent Calendars: Day 24

Welcome to Day 24 of your digital LEGO Advent Calendar! All through December, we’ve brought you the daily models for the LEGO Friends, City, and Star Wars Advent Calendars. Today is the last day of Advent! Thanks for joining us and helping us celebrate the holiday season.

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60133 LEGO City

60133 City Advent Calendar 2016 (24)

Chris: I know it’s been a few years ago, but I’m so glad that LEGO Santa finally got a proper Santa hat, instead of continuing to use the pirate rag.
Jen: I love the sack full of presents LEGO piece. And I also love how much the black version looks like a trash bag.

75146 LEGO Star Wars

75146 Star Wars Advent Calendar 2016 (24)

Alex: Finally, a Christmas tree! And of course the white wookie is a must-have for minifig collectors.
Elspeth: The amount of design consideration and NPU in this Christmas tree is impressively small.
Jen: This Chewie is the true piece de resistance and I love that his crossbow shoots snowballs.

41131 LEGO Friends

41131 Friends Advent Calendar 2016 (24)

Chris: This is a surprisingly evocative little model. I like it.
Jen: I agree, Chris. This is my favorite day from all of the Advent sets.

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