In love of home, the love of country has its rise

This beautiful digital rendering of a Victorian dream home by buggyirk is something straight out of a Dickensian novel. Stunning stained-glass windows and lively gardens draw your eyes into this delicately decorated delight, a weather vane is perched atop the pointed roof of the tower, which complements the multi-gabled roof and lovely designs under the eaves.

Victorian Dream Home on LEGO Ideas - Exterior

Inside is where this model really shines, with masterfully styled Victorian furniture including a grandfather clock, bed, bookcase with candles, baby crib, fireplace and chandelier — each on its own enough to make me want to move in, but that incredible staircase is the icing on the cake. Like many homes, its heart is in the dining room where Mother, Father and Junior enjoy a happy brick-tricious meal together. I have never wanted to own a Victorian home so badly before today.

Victorian Dream Home on LEGO Ideas - Interior