Every space habitat needs an Augmented Robotic Companion

Rob has been putting together a great little series of LEGO robots, each with a different designation and function. The building techniques are good, with some smart connections and solid color choices, but it’s the presentation of the models which really sets these creations apart — detailed technical spec sheets accompany shots of the bots in action.

HZ-D4K - Data Sheet

The Hazardous Environment Suit gets a technical breakdown plus a “hero shot” of it exploring a newly-discovered planet…

HZ-D4K: Hazardous Environments

And if you need some robotic assistance closer to home, every space station hangar bay should have access to one of the Utility models…

UT-N8T: Data Sheet

This bad boy has clearly got a fairly hefty lift capacity…

UT-N8T: Inventory Work

I’d heartily recommend a visit to the builder’s photostream to check out more images of robot companions at work.