Light-up LEGO Y-wing is ready to stay on target

LEGO builders love building LEGO X-wings, and the light-up LEGO X-wing we featured earlier this summer by Maciej Szymański may be the best. No less build-worthy are the plethora of other starfighters in the Star Wars universe, including the venerable workhorse of the Rebellion, the BTL Y-wing strike fighter. Maciej’s hyper-accurate Y-wing is built from 1,900 LEGO pieces, resulting in incredibly detailed sections of exposed machinery.

Y-wing - Flying

Y-wing - Just parking

The cockpit and landing gear bays light up.

Y-wing - Landing gear bay lights

In this hangar bay shot, the pair of Rebel starfighters look stunning — as though they’re about to take on the Death Star.

Y-wing and X-wing - In the spotlight