How to construct the Avalonian Countryside trees [Instructions]

Sometimes it is easy to see how a builder created a particular LEGO build, while at other times a build requires a bit of breakdown and perhaps even a tutorial if there are ‘hidden’ techniques. Last week we blogged this fantastic microscale LEGO countryside diorama from Full Plate, with beautiful fall foliage and crops ready for harvest.

Avalonian Countryside (9 of 9)

The builder, Emil Lidé, has responded to questions about the creation of his trees with this fantastic tutorial to help you create your own. First, he starts with a layout of the parts required for the green trees.

Microscale Tree Mini-tutorial (1 of 5)

Next, Emil shows how the trunk is built using a six-pronged flower stem to ‘hang’ the main foliage. The foliage in this example uses a mix of 1×2 plates and 2×2 round plates.

Microscale Tree Mini-tutorial (2 of 5)

Finally, the top foliage, in the form of some 1×2 plates, are added in a windmill pattern to complete the tree.

Microscale Tree Mini-tutorial (3 of 5)

The key to the builder’s own fantastic diorama was the sheer variety of trees both in colour and style, and Emil gives examples of the different parts that can be used in place of those in the example tree to provide that variation.

Microscale Tree Mini-tutorial (4 of 5)

And a few example trees are shown to demonstrate the effect of small variations in parts used for the construction.

Microscale Tree Mini-tutorial (5 of 5)

Thanks for the tutorial Emil, you are the Tree Master!