Silly readers, bookshelves are for displaying LEGO!

Some builders go years without sharing any of their builds online, but the LEGO creations can be worth the wait. We featured a lovely LEGO Tardis by Alan McMorran way back in 2008 (and I had the pleasure of meeting Alan in person at BrickCon the next year). Alan is back with a fantastic bridge that spans shelves at two different levels in his study.

The Constantine Lego Bridge

Alan tells me that the “Constantine Bridge” was inspired by the old London Bridge and the Ponte Vecchio in Venice — houses and their residents crowding the arch.

Mini-Modular buildings

The bridge itself is built with a Technic interior, and each of the narrow buildings atop it is modular, and can be swapped around to suit Alan’s mood.

Bare Bridge

The two buildings at each end of the bridge are excellent modular buildings in their own right, guarded by competing factions of Imperial Guards.

Western Tower Eastern Tower

Check out lots more photos in Alan’s photostream on Flickr.