LEGO lighthouse shines brightly

Kołobrzeg Lighthouse is located in Kołobrzeg on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea.  Piotr Machalski has build a very nice rendition of this landmark in LEGO, capturing its curvaceous architecture in brick form.  The real lighthouse is is a red brick cylindrical tower that emits a light that can been seen nearly 30km away.  There are lots of techniques for creating curves from LEGO, many of which hail from builders who favour castle-themed creations, but it’s always nice to see similar techniques used for other types of building. The main central portion uses a mix of round and regular bricks but the outer wall is all about the power of bending LEGO.

Kołobrzeg Lighthouse

This lighthouse we blogged previously uses a similar technique as the main tower in Piotr’s build.

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  1. Deus

    Actually, the technique of the linked previously featured lighthouse is technically less similar to the inner wall than it would seem superficially. It is actually more similar to the outer wall, as they both use the tiny gap between bricks to their advantage, whilst the inner circular wall is based on hinges and has no correlation to the said gap.

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