Gotham brick-figures, part 1

As a license-theme builder, I’m always looking forward to the latest story, book, or film to get inspiration. And with Batman being a particular favorite of mine, there’s always something inspirational around the corner. So for Brickworld Chicago this year, I dug to the root of Batman—its renowned characters—to construct a collection of twelve figures that depict the worst criminals of Gotham, as well as its famous dark knight. Here are just a few of those characters:

The Penguin
The Penguin by Tim Lydy

The Catwoman
The Catwoman by Tim Lydy

The Scarecrow
The Scarecrow by Tim Lydy

Ra’s al Ghul
Ra's al Ghul by Tim Lydy

Two-Face by Tim Lydy

Make sure to keep checking TBB to see the rest of the lineup!