Three wildly different mechs

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I have for you today, in this single story, not one, not two, but three mech builds from three different builders. Together, the make quite the lovely trio!

First up is a spindly looking fellow in the form of Rv-12 Voron by legoricolaSomething about the angle of those ankle joints makes me really uncomfortable…

Next up it’s the police mech 02 by neruneruneranai which ditches the bipedal form factor of the previous build as well as (spoiler) the next. Instead we have this Tachikoma-esque wheeled design which is very nicely done.

police mech 02

Finally, Lancer Railgun by DeadCajun71, which uses one of my favourite pieces  to create a very unique shape for the cockpit area. Also: the way this mech picks up its pilot reminds me a lot of Titanfall 2, a game I’m very excited for.

Lancer Railgun

Make sure you check out each of the builders’ photostreams for more shots, as well as cockpit details to see how they managed to fit a full minifigure in each build.