Speeding across the Arctic

A fresh take on the speederbike with these Arctic-themed creations from Ted Andes. These little guys have a cracking color-scheme and functional-looking greebley bits. I want to scoot these guys around my desk at work and make swooshing noises.

Snow-Fox & Caribou - Arctic Speederbikes

And if flying speederbikes aren’t cool enough for you then why not try them out in ski mode?

Snow-Fox & Caribou - in ski-mode

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  1. Chris

    jp-30: Thanks! We often don’t mention the specific contests models were created for, because about half of the models we feature were built for a contest somewhere. We simply can’t keep track and our posts would quickly become tedious lists of contests if we mentioned all of them. We always welcome shout-outs in the comments, though, so thank you!

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