There goes the neighborhood

Have you ever seen abject poverty up close, where it lives? The brain almost doesn’t want to accept it: you literally cannot believe it. People can’t possibly live like this: but they do. And ironically, there is a kind of beauty there: colors that a designer would never choose, patterns that leave the eye wanting. The humanity of it cannot be contained. Shannon Sproule perfectly captures the heartbreaking chaos and vitality of economics gone horribly wrong in this wonderful vignette. And the presentation, spoofing the classist bias of the LEGO Architecture line, really hits home. Don’t expect to see this set in the next catalog.

Lego Architecture Slum city

2 comments on “There goes the neighborhood

  1. crgennaro

    I wonder what would happen if the Lego company did make this into a set. Would that be a bad thing? Would it raise awareness? Could proceeds be donated? Could there be any negative spin?

  2. Shannon Ocean

    That’s a very cool idea to donate the proceeds to a charity from a set. I wonder if TLG would ever do something like that.

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