New LEGO Star Wars sets, official pictures spotted in the wild [News]

We covered the announcement of these sets earlier in the year in our extensive LEGO coverage from New York Toy Fair, but official pictures have recently been spotted on Amazon UK. The six sets are listed with a June 1st release date.

The highlight of the bunch is surely 75148 Encounter On Jakku, with its delightful blue Luggabeast…

75148 Encounter on Jakku

However, if you’ve never built a LEGO X-Wing set, then the sleek lines and cool color-scheme of 75139 Resistance X-Wing Fighter are going to be hard to resist…

75149 Resistance X-Wing

There are the two sets with models from the forthcoming LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures series: 75145 Eclipse Fighter and 75147 Star Scavenger…

75145 Eclipse Fighter

75147 Star Scavenger

And then we have two “new” sets, with updated versions of spaceships and vehicles we’ve seen before in brick form. Nothing wrong with the models — in fact they look pretty cool — but you may be less excited if you’ve built the previous versions: 75150 Tie Advanced & A-Wing and 75151 Clone Turbo Tank…

75150 TIE Advanced & A-Wing

75151 Clone Turbo Tank

(via Brickset)

2 comments on “New LEGO Star Wars sets, official pictures spotted in the wild [News]

  1. Jonathan

    Nice TIE Advanced there for Vader. Not sure I’m a fan of the new fin mold they have on the A-Wing/Star Scavenger.

  2. happywaffle

    Between the fins on the A-Wing and the legs on the Juggabeast, LEGO seems to be saying “screw it” when it comes to creating new pieces.

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