Laserbeak, Ravage, Frenzy...Eject!

Building a good-looking model mecha is no mean feat, but building one that can transform is a whole other ballgame; one in which Joe Perez (MortalSwordsman) just scored big with his excellent transforming rendition of Soundwave.

Soundwave by MortalSordsman on flickr

Megatron’s faithful Communications Officer doesn’t just transform from boombox to robot mode, but also comes with three of his own sidekicks: the transforming cassettes Laserbeak, Ravage and Frenzy.

Mini Cassettes by MortalSwordsman on flickr

Can you think of a cooler piece of Eighties nostalgia?

4 comments on “Laserbeak, Ravage, Frenzy...Eject!

  1. alldarker

    As a Transformers fan I can day these are superb models! Soundwave certainly is superior!
    That’s actually Rumble, not Frenzy though. It’s a common misconception. FIBRIR: Frenzy is blue, Rumble is red!

  2. Ralph Post author

    Hopefully Joe reads the comments here, because he called it Frenzy. I doubt it’s a very common misconception! Most people wouldn’t know either way. I do remember Laserbeak and Ravage from the cartoon, but not Frenzy, Rumble, or Grumpy, Sneezy and Dopey ;-)

  3. alldarker

    Ralph, to be fair my comment was a bit of a Transformers fan in-joke. The ‘battle’ between those who say Rumble is the red one and those who say Rumble is the blue one has been going on for a long, long, looooong time now. It can and does actually still lead to heated debates whenever new versions of the toys come out…:
    I’m sure Joe is on the side of FIRRIB, considering the names he gave his figures, although personally I’m on team FIBRIR. It’s a discussion which neither side shall ever truly win…

  4. Ralph Post author

    Thanks for the added info. No, I was not aware of this and I somehow doubt Joe particularly cares. At least he did the good thing and built a G1 :-) The abuse my Optimus Prime ‘Bayformer’ got from some Transformers fans was, frankly disturbing.

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