Old friends, new faces: LEGO Space reimagined

Space is one of LEGO’s core themes, along with Castle and Town. These three themes, for me, form the foundation that the rest of LEGO is built on. As a kid, and even now, my tastes run definitely toward the Castle/Town end of things. I am, however, developing a healthy regard for Space that comes from a passion around real spacecraft. I have a lot of respect for space builders, because it’s a theme I struggle to build in myself.

Jeremy Croft has taken a look at LEGO Space, and re-imagined many of the classic themes. He’s titled his series “Old Friends, New Faces,” and each build is full of nostalgia. Let’s count down Jeremy’s 10 builds, and wander back to when space was blue, grey, and trans-yellow.

OFNF #4: Space Police I

10. Unitron
OFNF #10: Unitron

9. Spyrius
OFNF #9: Spyrius

8. Ice Planet
OFNF #8: Ice Planet

7. Space Police II
OFNF #7: Space Police II

6. Blacktron II
OFNF #6: Blacktron II

5. M-Tron
OFNF #5: M-Tron

4. Space Police I
OFNF #4: Space Police I

3. Blacktron I
OFNF #3: Blacktron I

2. Futuron
OFNF #2: Futuron

1. Classic Space
OFNF 1: Classic Space