18,000+ piece LEGO Fortress of Solitude shames all other vacation homes

Sometimes one just needs to fly away from all the hustle and bustle of a city constantly in danger — and sometimes an artist decides to step out of their comfort zone for the challenge, and in the process, produce amazing results. That was the intent behind JanetVanD‘s latest build: the famous “Fortress of Solitude” from the 1978 film Superman. In stark contrast to Janet’s previous creation, the equally gorgeous Her Majesty‚Äôs Theater, with its detailed interior, this build focuses largely on the natural icy exterior while the famous crystal-pyramid structure that makes up the fortress itself gleams in the background–but nonetheless commands absolute attention.

Fortress of Solitude by JanetVanD

Superman’s vacation home took Janet 160 hours to complete and required 18,684 pieces in total. All of which were put to good use creating a realistic landscape that really sells the necessary ‘solitude’ requirement. No doubt only a person with the fortitude of Superman would choose such as place as this to have some uninterrupted downtime.

Fortress of Solitude (close) by JanetVanD

If you want to dive deeper into Janet’s latest and arguably coolest (pun intended) creation, check out more images of the Fortress of Solitude at Janet’s DeviantArt gallery.

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  1. Buzzetta

    Needs Polar Bears… if there are no polar bears this will never find its way into the Lego movie.

    All kidding and Kevin Smith references aside, this is incredible. I will be linking this elsewhere.

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