More LEGO Ninjago 2016 sets revealed at NYC Toy Fair [News]

The LEGO Ninjago theme has had an odd release cycle this year, with sets available outside the US months in advance of the largest market for LEGO, and product details only available at the last minute — LEGO only provided final details of the March 2016 Ninjago sets earlier this week. So, with the caveat that not all details are available or 100% confirmed at this time, here’s what we know about upcoming LEGO Ninjago sets, as revealed at Toy Fair in New York this morning.

70592 Salvage M.E.C. (439 pieces)

Toy Fair New York 2016: Ninjago

70594 The Lighthouse Siege (767 pieces)

Toy Fair New York 2016: Ninjago

70595 Ultra Stealth Raider (1,093 pieces)

Toy Fair New York 2016: Ninjago

70589 Rock Roader (406 pieces)

Toy Fair New York 2016: Ninjago

70591 Kryptarium Prison Breakout (207 pieces)

Toy Fair New York 2016: Ninjago

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  1. Aanchir

    It’s not really a terribly odd release schedule. They did the same thing last year. And similar things have happened with plenty of other themes in the past (whether it’s the U.S. getting the sets sooner or later than other countries).

    I’m most excited for Ultra Stealth Raider, but so far I don’t think I intend to skip any of these sets. They all look pretty good and have a nice minifigure selection. You missed one set — The Green NRG Dragon! I’d be surprised if you didn’t get any pics since it’s a VERY impressive set and was there on display, so I’m guessing you just forgot to include it in this post.

    It’s interesting that three of them (Kryptarium Escape, The Lighthouse Siege, and The Green NRG Dragon) tie in with the Season 6 Skybound storyline and the rest tie in with a new (presumably, Season 7) storyline. The sets for the Skybound story arc have a pirate flag on the boxes, and all but Kryptarium Escape include sky pirate villains and Djinn Blades, while the others have a lantern on the boxes and include previous Ninjago villain factions with Tr. Flu. Green weapons corresponding to weapons from the years those villains came from. This is the first time LEGO has split a wave between two separate story arcs like this.

    I feel like the ghost of Sensei Yang is probably meant to be the main villain for the summer story arc, since in the Ultra Stealth Raider set he’s carrying the lantern that appears on all the packages. So maybe somehow that lantern has something to do with bringing together so many of the ninja’s former foes.

    Thanks for your coverage! I look forward to learning more about these sets!

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