2-foot tall Striker Eureka from Pacific Rim built from 5,000 LEGO pieces

As often as we feature LEGO mecha here on The Brothers Brick (and make excuses for doing so), I’d really love to see more of the massive, kaiju-hunting Jaegers from Pacific Rim. A couple years ago, Jason Corlett built a monstrous LEGO Cherno Alpha at micro-fig scale (the tiny one-piece figures that come in LEGO games and sets like the Shield Helicarrier), and he’s just followed that up with the Australian Jaeger Striker Eureka.

Striker Eureka

Striker Eureka stands 2 feet 8 inches tall (81 cm) and 18 inches wide (46 cm), and is built from more than 5,000 LEGO pieces. Jason says he spent 86 hours on the build.

Jason’s Jaeger has a number of features, including anti-kaiju missiles in its chest.

Striker Eureka (Anti-Kaiju Missiles)

The arms can be mounted with Sting-Blades and the back features giant engines.

Striker Eureka Striker Eureka (Back)

You can see more photos of this monstrous mecha Jason’s album on Flickr.