Happy Year of the Monkey 2016!

Today is Chinese New Year, celebrated around the world by people from many different countries. According to the Chinese Zodiac, this is now the Year of the Monkey, so LEGO builders have been posting a plethora of simian creations in honor of our cousins.

Many of the LEGO models feature Sun Wukong, the Monkey King hero of the Chinese epic Journey to the West (and its many adaptations for film and TV). Donna Liem puts the iconic hero astride a cloud in the sky.

Gong Xi Fa Chai...

Omar & Kazumi Ovalle have created a pair of monkey-themed LEGO models — a plaque and a bust.

Year of the Monkey 2016 Year of the Monkey

Jeffrey Kong of Artisan Bricks has built a simplified monkey face in celebratory colors.

Artisan Bricks by Jeffrey Kong - LEGO Year of the Monkey 2016 - Sun Wukong Journey to the West

Finally, Stephen Chao built this adorable scene with monkeys and peaches.