An impressive tribute to a legendary rally team

I bet you’ve heard about the Kamaz Master Rally Team, especially in connection with the globally known Paris–Dakar Rally. The team retained the title for the last four years straight. Unfortunately, this year the international crew of Iveco PowerStar was a little bit more skillful and lucky. Still, that doesn’t hold Silva Vasil back from praising the Russian team and their outstanding results.

Lego Kamaz Master by Vasily Lukyanov (Silvavasil) | Dakar 2016

Silva, being a professional graphic designer, focused not only on the bodywork of the truck, but also on the chassis — and he absolutely nailed it. It’s quite hard to believe, but the truck is fully motorized, driven by 1, 2 or even 4 Power Functions motors depending on the type of chassis. No wonder the whole project took the builder about a year to complete. Go and take a look from various angles – it’s absolutely worth it.