The functional plausibility of Kwi-Chang’s heavy robots

While we certainly feature plenty of LEGO mecha here on The Brothers Brick, I’ll admit that many of them fall into the old Gundam pattern of humanoid robots that look like a giant person wearing armor. Not so with this latest from Japanese mecha master Ryuhei Kawai (Kwi-Chang), who recently posted a new mecha called LHB-025 鬼頭刀 (apparently the name used in Taiwan for the mahi-mahi or dolphinfish). This mecha looks more like something that would be in a Neill Blomkamp film, with a vaguely arthropodal aspect — wings, flaps, and cylinders sticking out of the frame every which way. The predominant white color scheme with spots of red make the whole thing look plausibly functional in an industrial setting.

LHB-025 鬼頭刀 by Kwi-Chang on Flickr