Little LEGO starship is packed full of grunt

Gabe Umland says he’s been unable to build for a while as he’s at college and away from his brick collection. Well, the enforced break hasn’t done his building skills any harm judging by the excellent little starship he just posted…

CF-1008 Crosscurrent

I’m really enjoying the brutish shaping of this bad boy. It just looks chock-full of power and grunt. Gabe says he wanted to create the feel of an American muscle car in a spaceship and I think he’s done just that. The greebling is good, creating a feel of functionality and power, and I like the use of stickers. The color scheme is also interesting for a space build – olive green, dark grey and tan accents all going well together, and not looking as military as you might expect. The red canopy is a nice touch to offset the more drab body colors.

In Gabe’s world, owners of these spacecraft are always customising them, and he’s built a nice little spaceship hangar scene, full of chaotic detail, showing the customisation process in action. Check it out.

Crosscurrent Hanger