LEGO teams up with ESPN for College Football Playoffs [News]

LEGO just announced a partnership with ESPN to cross-promote the upcoming College Football Playoffs. LEGO has created brick-built helmets for each of the four playoff teams, as well as some smaller football-related models for which they’ve released instructions to build your own.


The LEGO® team and ESPN are teaming up to build even more excitement and family fun for this season’s College Football Playoff!
To help get you ready, check back for more exciting updates through January 11th to see:

Cool college football models – tiny and life-sized! – built using LEGO bricks
Awesome videos about the four semifinal teams and the LEGO
models that have been built to celebrate the playoff season
Mini-models that you can build to decorate your New Year’s Eve game viewing party
A chance to win the LEGO version of the National Championship
Trophy signed by the ESPN College GameDay crew to show off to your friends!

Click the helmets to watch a time-lapse video of them being constructed.


Check out for more information.

2 comments on “LEGO teams up with ESPN for College Football Playoffs [News]

  1. Creative Anarchy

    It’s not my intent to put down any builder and these helmets are certainly cool builds but I have to imagine this is the smallest demographic that can be appealed to for LEGO. I’ve seen folks at Lego Conventions with football apparel on but I don’t picture anyone sitting in their build room with the game on.

  2. Shmails

    Although I agree that this is a limited market and an odd crossover considering they only made the one football figure so far, I must inform you that I am that person who sits in his building room and watches the game while building. It is a perfect match because of all the commercial breaks and replays, there is plenty of time for both activities at the same time. Soccer or hockey are much more difficult to watch while building. ; )

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