TBB’s Pimp Rey’s Speeder contest winners [News]

With only DAYS to go until the new Star Wars movie opens in theaters (got your ticket yet? I have mine!), Rey is ready for opening night and can arrive in style with her fancy pimped out speeder thanks to all you builders.

With over 210 entries, I think Pimp Rey’s Speeder might be the most successful contest in my memory at The Brothers Brick. And while we could only choose three, there were some really amazing entries. I encourage everyone to grab a snack and look through all the wonderful entries. There were many many clever, funny, and just well-executed entries, but only one speeder can be crowned the winner of TBB’s Pimp Rey’s Speeder contest, as chosen by TBB contributors.

In first place is Jonas (Legopard) and his Rey’s Transformer:

Rey's Transformer

Which of course, actually transforms:

Jonas wins:

  • Fan Expo – Mini Tatooine Set
  • Millennium Falcon 75105
  • Rey’s Speeder 75099
  • Second place goes to a less-futuristic speeder. HalfBeak‘s speeder is more firmly placed into today’s space exploration, and likely more suited to speeding around the moon:

    NASA Speeder

    Halfbeak takes home second place prize pack:

  • Fan Expo – Mini Tatooine Set
  • Rey’s Speeder 75099
  • And Luigi Priori takes third place. Luigi’s speeder doesn’t transform into a robot like Jonas’ but there is a bit of a surprise when you push the little red button ….

    Men in Brick's speeder

    Luigi takes the last prize pack consisting of:

  • Rey’s Speeder 75099
  • I want to thank again all the people who entered the contest. It’s been truly a treat all month to see all the fun creations!

    May the force be with you.

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    1. Piotr Komos

      Congratulations to all winners of this contest. It was fun to pimp speeders and see all the pimped speeders. :D

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