2015 LEGO Star Wars & LEGO Friends Advent Calendars (Day 13)

75097 LEGO Star Wars Advent CalendarWe’re on the thirteenth day of TBB’s virtual LEGO Advent Calendar, with more mini-kits from LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Friends.

We’ll be unveiling the mini-kits or minifigs from each Advent Calendar around this time every day, and we won’t ruin the surprise — you’ll need to click through to reveal the LEGO behind the tiny doors.

IG-88 joins the LEGO Star Wars crew for Day 13.

LEGO Star Wars 2015 Advent Calendar (13)

And our little LEGO Friends get a tiny house for a cupcake and her roommate, a hundred dollar bill. The hundred dollar bill is a bit of a jerk.

LEGO Friends 2015 Advent Calendar (13)

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4 comments on “2015 LEGO Star Wars & LEGO Friends Advent Calendars (Day 13)

  1. alldarker

    … Ehmmm… OK… So what I got in MY Star Wars advent calendar on December 13th was actually an Assassin Droid / IG-88. Same as FBTB and Brickset found in their advent calendars.
    You sure you guys opened the window for the right date?

  2. Elspeth De Montes

    It was me, I only have 10 fingers so I sometimes struggle with the higher numbers – oops!

  3. Andrew Post author

    No no, I believe we’ve mentioned that TBB has a time machine. Well, at least we know that some of our regular readers are paying attention to these posts. ;-)

  4. Pausanius

    I’m a regular reader although created an account this morning to note the same thing as alldarker — keep up the great work!

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