2015 LEGO Star Wars & LEGO Friends Advent Calendars (Day 8)

41102 LEGO Friends Advent CalendarWe’re on Day 8 of TBB’s virtual LEGO Advent Calendar series. Today’s installment, Day 8, brings us another set of mini-kits from both LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Friends.

We’ll be unveiling the mini-kits or minifigs from each Advent Calendar around this time every day, and we won’t ruin the surprise — you’ll need to click through to reveal the LEGO behind the tiny doors.

After an Ewok weapons rack and even the Ewok village, it’s no surprise that the LEGO Advent Calendar for Day 8 gives us an Ewok minifig.

LEGO Star Wars 2015 Advent Calendar (8)

It’s hard to project that microphone without a speaker, so for the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar’s Day 8 mini-kit, we have a speaker (just one, so don’t expect stereo sound).

LEGO Friends 2015 Advent Calendar (8)

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