Beautiful Blade Runner Spinner

Syd Mead, the designer of Blade Runner, is one of my heroes. Chances are, if you’re into sci-fi and LEGO then you’ll have tried to recreate one of his famous designs – The Sulaco from Aliens, the light-cycles from Tron, or this, the Police Spinner from Blade Runner.

Tyler (aka Legohaulic) has posted a fantastic image of his updated version of this iconic vehicle. The model is pure class, with just the right level of detail and sticker use, and some custom elements working nicely on the Deckard figure. Importantly, the car looks the right scale to sit two minifigs, something other LEGO versions of this often miss.

Blade Runner Spinner

Aside from the build itself, this was worth blogging for the photography and editing. It’s such a sharp, crisp image I had to double-check it wasn’t a render, and the glow off the lights and the puddle reflection are lovely touches.

This is a welcome return from Tyler who’s been quiet on the building front recently. Good to have him back.