2 in 1 Crash Bandicoot diorama in LEGO

Platformers from the PlayStation/Nintendo 64 era had an iconic style to them. Marin Stipkovic nailed this style with a LEGO diorama containing recognizable elements from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.


There are several cool features shown in this album, one of which is a hidden garage with Crash’s kart from Crash Team Racing. The garage can be lit up by activating one switch to open the windows, and another to turn on the lights.

2 comments on “2 in 1 Crash Bandicoot diorama in LEGO

  1. AnonymusMan

    You know, i was beginning to wonder if anyone remembered good ‘ol Crash!
    Although, for the record, that kart actually appeared in Crash Nitro Kart, the first Crash game i personally owned. He drove a different kart in Tag Team Racing, actually three different ones to be more accurate.(gaming geek,what can i say?) regardless, a Giant Cookie Award to this builder for this inspired homage to a character who who hasn’t been seen in years!

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