LEGO Ideas fails all 13 projects in first round of reviews for 2015 [News]

Disappointing news today for LEGO fans hoping to get their models turned into official sets, or looking forward to purchasing interesting new models. This morning LEGO announced that they have finished examining all 13 projects which¬†passed the 10,000 vote mark on LEGO Ideas during the first quarter of 2015, and that none of the projects will be moving forward to become official sets. The potential projects included intellectual properties such as Legend of Zelda, Discworld, The International Space Station, a miniature version of Nathan Sawaya’s famous Yellow LEGO sculpture, and the Golden Girls, as well as a brick-built Tyrannosaurus Rex, a model of the Titanic, and a castle-themed market, among others.

LEGO says that each of the models either rely upon IPs whose owners cannot come to an agreement with LEGO, or the models are too closely related to current or future LEGO products, or they would be too difficult to turn into an official LEGO set.

In the one glimmer of hope given, LEGO says they are still considering the previous round’s F7A Star Hornet from the forthcoming crowd-funded video game Star Citizen, though with the caveat that LEGO may still choose to deny this project as well.

LEGO Ideas 1st 2015 Review

Finally, here are the candidates for the next review round, the results of which are set to be announced in early 2016.

LEGO Ideas 2015 Review

5 comments on “LEGO Ideas fails all 13 projects in first round of reviews for 2015 [News]

  1. Guss

    Lego refused Eve Online for many reasons, they can’t accept Star Citizen, it’s the same kind of game. That would be ver hypocrite of them to accept it.

  2. Bobster

    I thought for sure the Nathan Sawaya project would be approved. LEGO is certainly aware of him, and he has done more than just about any other individual to promote LEGO products with his book and currently touring shows. As Nathan submitted the project, there surely is no IP issue at stake. Perhaps they are working with him independently?

  3. Chris Post author

    @bobster: If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because they don’t think Nathan Sawaya’s art sculpture would sell enough copies.

  4. WrathPrime

    That’s really disappointing. The medieval market looks like something that can be done with a few modifications to make it fit.

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