The long haul to LV-426

Over the years, we’ve featured a number of great LEGO vehicles from the Alien franchise, from the ever-popular Cheyenne dropship & APC to the Sulaco and Nostromo. But I think Grantmasters is the first builder I’m aware of to tackle the massive ore refinery that the Nostromo is designed to haul through deep space. At this scale, the famous freighter is built from only eight pieces, but is still quite recognizable.

LEGO Alien refinery by Grantmasters

3 comments on “The long haul to LV-426

  1. Andrew Post author

    Read what I actually wrote ;-) — Nostromo is the freighter, and it’s at the front of the refinery, built from only eight LEGO pieces.

  2. Tananavalley

    @ RPooka – I read what Andrew actually wrote in his post and I found it a little vague. His response to you here in the comments is much more clear. Your right though that it is COOL.

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