Vaygr Battlecruiser from Homeworld by Tim Schwalfenberg

I’m not sure what’s going on this year, but we’re certainly seeing a lot of very large LEGO SHIPs in August (SHIPgust? Augtember?). Tim Schwalfenberg takes his inspiration from the venerable Homeworld PC game, with a super-detailed battlecruiser that’s easily one of my favorite SHIPs in several years. And at 140 studs long, Tim didn’t spare any length to achieve the shape and color blocking needed to achieve the distinctive look of the source material.

Vaygr Battlecruiser

I’m always a fan of the multi-view graphic:

Vagyr Battlecruiser Overview

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  1. Simon

    It was Pre-SHIPtember … Sadly many builders have school in September and are physically away from their bricks. Better to have them start a month earlier, than to exclude them outright from the fun. But now the real action should start :D

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