BRICKNADO² contest ends soon!

Don’t be fooled by all this Pluto flyby nonsense – NASA is just trying to distract you from the fact that our BRICKNADO² building contest ends in one week! Hell yes, that’s just one week to craft your glorious LEGO tribute to the third (and hopefully silliest) installment of the Sharknado movie series.

Need inspiration? Then check out the Sharknado 3 trailer. Or pore over the entries from last year’s contest. Better still, pore over our prizes, each of which features at least one LEGO shark:

1st place: 60014 Coast Guard Patrol
2nd place: 60093 Deep Sea Helicopter
3rd place: 60092 Deep Sea Submarine

And that’s not all… Each winner will also receive a trophy in the form of a Sharnado pop vinyl:

You know what do to. So get to it. Don’t let NASA win this one…

6 comments on “BRICKNADO² contest ends soon!

  1. Aetheron

    So, I know Andrew was sick and all… But what’s the deal with the Server Downtime contest? Closing in on four months since it ended, and been almost two since the last word on it. If Andrew isn’t feeling up to the task, why not hand it off to someone else at this point? Just a little leery of putting in the work for an entry on this after seeing that.

  2. Caylin

    Aetheron, Server Downtown apparently also translated into personal life server downtime, in addition to the TBB server. I still blame the lemur. We haven’t forgotten, and it’s certainly still on our list.

  3. Aetheron

    @Iain: Ah, I totally missed that one! I avoid the web like the plague around April fool’s week. Sorry to doubt you guys, I feel a bit foolish now. Sharks ahoy, then!

    @Caylin: Thanks for the explanation; I appreciate that. No worries, and I look forward to taking part in your future contests! I only found this site earlier this year and it’s already become an indispensable part of my regular web reads. And the lemur is totally to blame for everything.

  4. Simon

    And I can confirm prizes have been delivered for Clone on a plate (it was real people!). I just waited a month so it can be hand delivered to Germany cause I’d rather spend my monies on more prizes and less shipping when possible (thanks Markus!) ;)

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