British Petrolheads

Joe Perez (mortalswordsman) works for Bright Bricks in the UK, where he builds LEGO models for a living. He is also a bit of a petrolhead; a British term for people who are crazy about internal combustion engines.

Gold rush by Joe Perez

This made him the perfect choice for a recent Bright Bricks project that involved building miniland scale (1/20) vehicles, including a fair few motorcycles. Despite building with LEGO for a living, he still finds the time and interest to build just for fun. He has obviously caught the bug of building motorcycles, as shown by his groovy chopper.

We can make this happen

Talking of petrolheads from the UK who are also professional LEGO builders, Carl Greatrix (bricktrix) launched a Lego Ideas project for a Caterham Seven model several months ago, which has now passed 10,000 votes. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the design review.

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  1. Ralph Post author

    My posting frequency isn’t much different from what it has been since I started writing, but as I mentioned about a week ago, real life tends to interfere: too much work, too many responsibilities and not enough time to sit back, search for new stuff and write about it. That applies to pretty much all of us. We’re a bunch of busy nerds.

  2. Caylin

    We try, but sometimes we fail. It’s been an extraordinarily busy last few weeks for me, and this summer isn’t going to be any easier. We apologize for the delay in getting you some awesome MOCs to look at!

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