The Best Build of the Worst Star Wars Character ever

Vitreolum felt compelled to build this. You have to admit, it’s a really good build. The face is especially well-done. Too bad it’s Jar-Jar’s face.

5 comments on “The Best Build of the Worst Star Wars Character ever

  1. Ashton6460

    Why the hate one Jar-Jar? You have to admit he at least has a great dialogue (along with Smeagol from LOTR). :P

  2. AnonymusMan

    one reason “everyone” hates him is because he introduced a tone element that did not previously exist in Star Wars: comic relief. prior to Phantom Menace, comedy was largely in the form of R2-D2 & C-3PO’s bickering, and that’s all the fanboys wanted. (dislike that term, fanboy.)hence,when Jar Jar appeared, it seemed like the writers weren’t treating the franchise with respect, and, given fanboys’ propensity to overreact, they felt he (and by extension, the entire film) was a slap in the face! and that is why Jar Jar remains arguably the most hated character in all of Star Wars,and just one of several reasons why TPM is the weakest film in the franchise.(for more on that,i suggest reading the Amazon reviews for the dvd,very informative!)

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