Character building

After almost a decade, LEGO’s café corner series seems to be as popular as ever. And while it’s not uncommon to see fan-created additions to the range, I’m particularly impressed by the collection that Flickr member Jme Wheeler has amassed:


But these are more than just pretty facades… The lively design and color scheme of each multi-story building continues on the inside, with a staggering amount of detail showing mini-fig citizens going about their daily lives. So much detail in fact, that a couple of example images just can’t do them justice! So I encourage you to visit the builder’s Flickr stream to enjoy the inner beauty of their Music Shop, Heartstone Bakery, Pip’s Salon and L. Rivendell Museum of Natural History for yourself.

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  1. Iain Post author

    ^ In the AFOL community they are quite commonly referred to as the “café corner standard”, after the first set in the series. It’s a more precise term than Modular Buildings, because that term also covers the microscale sets.

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