The town of Pompeii in LEGO

If you find yourself in Sydney (Australia) at all during 2015, then head over to the Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney and check out this amazing recreation of the Roman town of Pompeii, created by Lego Certified Professional Ryan McNaught.

The diorama represents Pompeii as it was at the time of its destruction in 79 AD, and even contains a little foreshadowing of the volcanic eruption that buried it.

Like all of Ryan’s displays, this one is as big as his personality, and as chock full of details as a sack full of baby spiders. So it comes as no surprise to me at all that sharp-eyed museum visitors will be able to find cameos by the TARDIS, Mozart and even Pink Floyd.

My only regret is that Ryan did not build this as a before-and-after diorama. For what it’s worth, here’s how I imagine the “after” version might look. Get on it, Ryan! :-)

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