He’s going to need a bigger hole

This poor, little fisherman has caught more than he can reel in, thanks to not cutting a big enough hole in the ice. He’d better watch out. Sweating profusely, while out in the winter weather, can lead to hypothermia! Anyway, I really enjoyed this small scene by Jonas Wide and his lovely wife. I’m rather partial to scenes that show above and below the water, but scenes that show below the ice are pretty rare. It’s very nicely done. They also did a great of hiding the supports for the ice and you have to love those footprints in the snow. Perfect touch!

Ice Fishing

1 comment on “He’s going to need a bigger hole

  1. Nicholas

    There is very little that can get me to laugh and chuckle at the same time—this one did! Very Creative, and the use of snot and the underwater scene only go to show your creativity and most assuredly—your sense of humor!

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