Ask A Lemur – Focus, Fun and the Flavors of Bionicle

Fahasalamana, Dearest Readers?

Once again, I’m The Brothers Brick’s intern lemur and I’m here to answer your questions, relevant, irrelevant, LEGO-related or not. I’m your window into the inner-workings of the LEGO fan community in general and The Brothers Brick specifically! I’m just so happy to be able to do this. I keep getting more and more of your tasty messages every week. It’s wonderful!

Lemur with Jacket and Pipe

How do you like my new jacket? I think it’s rather dapper myself. It was a gift from Iain. He said he didn’t need it anymore and wondered if I wanted to eat it. It was such a sweet gesture, I got quite emotional. He’s a good man. Anyway, I did nibble on the lining a bit but decided to wear it for special occasions, in his honor.

What’s that? The pipe? I borrowed it from Master Andrew. It’s great for blowing bubbles and he wasn’t using it. Not sure why he wasn’t, because bubbles are such fun! It was in a glass box in his office. Don’t tell anyone, but apparently he stole it. There was a little note (tasted like mango) that said it belonged to someone named ‘Sherlock’. I hope Master Andrew doesn’t get into trouble. That would be sad.

Well, we probably should get moving on. I’m using Simon’s office today because he’s away doing a photo-shoot in Pago Pago, for the upcoming TBB Calendar, “Poses of Simon 3”. I hear that last year’s calendar sold out in 13 minutes! But I think he is coming back today and there is some straightening-up I need to do in here before then. So many yummy things in here!

Now, on to the good stuff!

Do the TBB bloggers have a “focus” that they prefer to highlight?

They used to have assigned “beats”. For instance, Josh was in charge of Castle, Dan was responsible for Space, etc. When TBB brings on a new contributor, we still try to find people who are really knowledgeable about specific areas of the LEGO fan hobby but we have stopped assigning themes. Now we make sure our contributors feel free to post anything that strikes their fancy. It makes for a more interesting mix of highlighted models and no one feels that certain people have “dibs” on a specific theme.

But each of the contributors has preferences, so you will see trends in what each one posts. I can’t wait to get posting privileges myself. All those yummy pics of food that people keep posting are being neglected.

Do you TBB bloggers ever get together for either hanging out, or for being lego geeks? If you meet at a convention, for instance this past BrickCon, do you ever do a TBB lunch, or hangout?

The entire group has never been together all at once, mostly because the contributors each have a home base and are stationed at strategic points all around the globe. However, they do get together as time permits. Conventions are good for that. BrickCon 2014 featured the largest gathering of contributors in one place and they did have dinner together one night. I hear they had Tai. I like Tai but I wasn’t invited. But I digress. They are also friends outside the LEGO community, so many will get together at various, random times. They try not to gather in large groups though. The ninjas might get them.

Do you prefer Generation 1 Bionicle or Generation Two Bionicle?

They have very different flavors, but I like them both. The first Bionicle sets have a slight fruity flavor. I think I detect a hint of citrus with a splash of melon. The LEGO company insists that they are using the same plastic but the new line tastes like peppermint. So good! Got to go find some more Bionicle now…

Thank you again for your great questions! Remember, someone in the mail room sends out free “lemur loot” each week to the people whose questions I answer! There is a slight delay/backlog currently while I gather up more loot, but it’s good stuff! You might even get something signed by Yours Truly!

Love and stuff,
A. Lemur

14 comments on “Ask A Lemur – Focus, Fun and the Flavors of Bionicle

  1. Nathanael

    Hello A Lemur,
    Do you have actual photographs of yourself or just drawings? And who does the drawings? Are they self portraits?
    Thank you for your time :)

  2. ferr4lex

    Hey Lemur,
    Do you have a Lego collection of your own,
    if yes how many pieces and would you post your MOCs

  3. ProfessorBrickkeeper

    Greetings Lemur, A.,

    TBB will be ten years old in 2015, an incredible acheivment for any blog. How was TBB founded and how has the blog grown and changed over the years?

    Thank you for these wonderful weekly posts, they are most enjoyable. :)

  4. Gabe Umland

    Hello Mr. Lemur.
    How do you sort your Lego collection? And what ways of sorting have you found work best for which styles of building?

  5. P3X310

    Greetings, dear Mr. Lemur.
    Why is it that TBB no longer provides reports from thematic months such as Marchikomas, SHIPtembers, MaKtobers, and NNoVVembers? The builds are always a pleasure to behold and I’ve never managed to find the prettiest on Flickr.

    My sincere gratitude,
    Mr. P

  6. madoruk

    Dear A. Lemur,

    What are the convention plans for contributors this year? Where might we be able to stalk meet the fine TBB people?

  7. johlie

    Is there anyway of knowing, which nationalities send in the most moc’s (or pictures of it) and do you have stats on that? I think it would be fun seeing those.

  8. Bunbrick

    Your new outfit rocks, Lemur. As do your answers & continuing tales of TBB office antics. Keep it up! :-D

  9. Matthew Oh

    Dear Mr. Lemur,

    What time do you send out Lemur loot usually? Is there anything that the people that receive Lemur loot need to do; for example, provide addresses?

    Thank you for your time!

  10. Josh

    @Matthew Oh –
    Dear Mr. Oh, you don’t need to provide an address. The Lemur knows where you all live! ;)

    Just kidding. Everyone from last week will be contacted shortly. There is a brief delay while we get new swag made. It should be finished soon. Once we have it in hand, one of us will send you an email.


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